Free Golf Driving Tips

Many of the tips that you see available online today that are being provided by professionals and experts who enjoy this sport revolve around how to improve your driving. There are even plenty of sites which now provide you with plenty of free golf driving tips which if used should help to improve yours.

However in this free golf driving tips article we will be taking a look at a number of different tips you may want to consider using when next practicing or playing a round of golf in order to help improve yours.

1. Set yourself up properly

It is important that set up your swing properly and in order to do this you will need to use a wood or a driving iron because of their length. It is the length of these clubs which gives you an advantage when it actually comes to driving the ball. Firstly it allows you to increase the distance that you stand away from the ball as well as allows you to move your feet further apart so that you are much better balanced. Also the weight as it transfers from one foot to the other as you drive through is much more balanced also. By being able to do this a player is able to get a much shorter and wider swing which provides them with more control and power throughout their body.

2. Allow the Power to Build

All power when preparing to drive any ball should build as you swing up the club. Then as you hit the ball you should allow all power to be released that has built up during the swing stage of your game. It is best if you want to ensure that you have more power to hit the ball with the club you keep it short as a longer swing results in you having less control over your actions.

3. Distribution of Weight

When you setting up to drive away from the tee ensure that you distribute your weigh evenly from heel to toe and this will help the rest of your body to remain balanced. Also it is important that you maintain the right kind of posture so you should have a straight spine and your chin should be upright. Not only will this help to improve your drive but will also help to prevent any injuries being caused to you when you drive.

4. Understanding the sequence of the motions used when driving

If you really want to improve your drive then you should be fully aware of the sequences needed in order to set up the swing prior to the drive and ensure that your weight transfers correctly through the swing stage.

Hopefully the free golf driving tips we have provided above will soon help you on your way to ensuring that you are able to drive the ball much further and more accurately in the future.

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