Switch Up Your Ride With Aftermarket Levers

Enjoy riding your motorcycle and blazing down empty stretches of road at 100 miles per hour? Do it with the peace of mind that your bike has been looked over and fitted with the best parts for your riding behavior. Most importantly, check the bike parts with the most usage while riding – namely your break and clutch levers, to make sure that they have been adjusted to a comfortable height and that the reach is just right to get a good grip while riding.

While motorcycles come with their own stock levers, riding enthusiasts have long turned to aftermarket levers to switch up their ride – both aesthetically and practically. Why do these bikers these days change their levers? What are some benefits of an aftermarket lever like Pazzo Levers? Let’s find out!

Benefits of aftermarket levers 

  1. Convenience and comfort: Some riders will prefer using only a couple of fingers to adjust the clutch and/or brake. In these cases, they will find short levers more comfortable than stock ones. As stock ones tend to be long, this causes a problem when the end fingers tend to get trapped between the back of the lever and the throttle grip. This problem is more pronounced if riders wear thick and bulky gloves while riding, something which short levers will be able to address.
  1. Less chance of snapping: Aftermarket levers tend to be a good deal shorter than stock levers and hence are clear from the end of the handle bar. This results in a lesser chance of any impact, both while riding and while stationary. Aftermarket levers also tend to be made of a higher quality material and hence being able to last longer compared to stock levers. The most important point is the design and the material, which most of the time, will allow the lever to fold back into itself to stop it from snapping.
  1. Aesthetic appearance: Aftermarket levers are specially designed for the different kinds of motorcycles out there in the market, giving riders the choice to choose what sort of look and feel they would like their motorcycle to have. This usually results in a classier outlook of both front and back angles of the bike while riding.
  1. More in-depth adjustments: Aftermarket products offer an extra adjustment range for levers. This range allows greater flexibility of motion and more fine-tuning than stock levers that come with the motorcycle. This makes it easier for riders to set the levers up and adjust them to a better position and reach for each individual rider.

What aftermarket levers should you get then?  

On our end, we recommend Pazzo Racing aftermarket levers for your motorcycle. Pazzo Racing is a Canadian company started in 2005 by 2 avid motorcyclists from British Columbia who had 25 years of machining experience. Pazzo Racing’s primary objective the best high quality product for motorcycles, accompanied with a high level of service. Customer satisfaction being very important to Pazzo Racing, the company aims is to address all customers’ questions and feedback as quickly and professionally as possible.

At Pazzo Racing, they offer aftermarket products for the most number of motorcycle models, as well as the largest number of color choices for you to customize your ride fully without frustration. All materials used in the manufacture of these levers are sourced locally – North America, the United States of America or Canada. A strong believer of domestic market support, all Pazzo Racing levers are Made In Canada by a team of a team of extremely dedicated motorcycle enthusiasts that pay extra attention to detail, from the R&D process through to the customer support, and after sales service.

Pazzo Racing sells their products online, with shipping internationally. They also have very helpful online guides to take riders from novices to experts through different topics such as lever fitment, pre-load fitment and how to build and buy a lever from your bike.

Benefits of Pazzo Racing’s levers 

Cool Designs: As previously discussed, designs are the main reasons why riders opt for aftermarket levers. With Pazzo, the adjusters and lever blades can have different colors due to the fact that Pazzo offers many color options and combinations to choose from. You can also choose between regular and short levers which can be used for a whole range of bikes from sports bikes, dirt bikes or road bikes.

Comfort: For optimal comfort, Pazza Racing levers come in different length options, easily adjustable and easily reached by riders on different bikes, improving both comfort and safety of the rider as their bikes are adjusted to individual needs. Even an adjustment an inch left or right can make a world of a difference to different riders, a huge plus point for riders using aftermarket levers.

Now with that said, if you are reading this and thinking of changing your levers to switch up the outlook and design of your bike, first consider how your riding style is – how you brake and how you use your clutch before going down to look at the options you have. Once you know your riding style, you will have a better idea of what you are looking for once you get down to car dealers or distributers of aftermarket levers such as Pazza Racing’s. Also, once you have that in mind, then it is time to look at what sort of color options and combinations you would like for your bike in the long term as the plethora of options there will definitely be tough for decision making once you get down there!