The Pros and Cons of Automobiles

When it comes to owning and driving a car, there’s not a single word that describes the experience more than freeing.  Getting your driver’s license and getting your first car is a lot like a baby bird who’s just learned to fly leaving the nest. In one glorious instant, your whole world changes, it opens up to you for the first time. However, there’s more to owning a care than just that first eye opening experience, of course. It gets better. It also gets worse, but it does get better, too. Here are some examples of both.

First and foremost, let’s look at the positives. For starters, you can go anywhere and do anything, usually. For example, you can pop on over to American Eagle anytime you want to do some clothes shopping with your crew. Or, you could catch lunch at your favorite cafe, and then go to the movies with that co worker you’ve been interested in, and you can pick them up and be the cool one. There are a ton of perks to owning a car in this regard. You can go on road trips, for example, or you can take the gang on a camping trip. The bird mentioned at the top of this article, the sky’s the limit.

Then, there’s the negative. For starters, to own a car, you’re legally required to have car insurance, and that can prohibitively expensive for many of us. Then, you have to consider the high cost of repairs should you get into an accident, hence the insurance, but the insurance may not cover your accident depending on who’s at fault. Then, there’s the matter of the inevitable degradation of your car’s parts, making repairs a necessity at some point, no matter how safe you are. Lastly, and perhaps worst of all, much of the freedom element of owning a car is stifled tremendously by the main reason to own a car being to get to and from work.