Three Common Driving Habits that Compromise Road Safety

Driving a car can be fun and exciting; however, it can also be dangerous. Safe driving has to do with the ability of the driver as well as the quality and performance of the vehicle he is driving. Mercedes-Benz dealerships provide new driving safety technology, which is a breaking ground in terms of the safety of drivers and pedestrians. Below are some of the driving habits which can result in major road accidents. Mercedes-Benz is aware of these habits so they equip their vehicles with new technology to fight driver errors and keep other road users safe. Before you plan to buy a Mercedes Benz Van, don’t miss these tips!

Driving Late at Night

Driving late at night after busy hours at work can mean the driving is behind the wheel while fatigued. Drowsiness can come into the picture. Drowsy driving has become a big issue that Mercedes-Benz has worked to make new safe driving technology which can alert drivers when they drift out of their lane. For instance, some new Mercedes has the feature called Attention Assist which detects steering behaviors which suggest that the driver is becoming drowsy.

Distracted Driving

While behind the wheel, drivers can easily focus on distractions instead of pay attention to the road. Distracted driving can lead to collisions. Even a few seconds of distraction can already mean life and death for the driver or a pedestrian. Below are the common distractions that can impair driving.

  • Using the phone. Talking on the phone, texting, using a navigation system or checking social media can divert a driver’s attention away from driving. For hands-free options, Mercedes-Benz dealerships must be visited.
  • Eating or drinking while driving. One-hand driving, greasy hands or spilled cold or hot beverage can result in the driving losing control of his vehicle.
  • Tending to kids or pets. Passengers can cause distractions. It is imperative to keep things cool and calm inside the vehicle until a driver can safely stop the car.

  • Grooming while driving. As some drivers run late to work, they may apply makeup or comb their hair while driving.

Driving Under the Influence

Substances such as alcohol have a significant impact on a driver’s driving ability. Thus, they have to play it safe after a few drinks at a party. A Mercedes-Benz dealership can help in setting up an in-vehicle technology and application system which connects drivers to the car through their computer or smartphone. The technology features a concierge service which can assist drivers with driver services or ride-hailing.